Succeed in your first year of law: advice to future lawyers

This is good news for literary people: law is an inherently literary discipline. The mastery of written language and syntax will be required to enter into substantive discussions with precision and accuracy.

The vocabulary that you will learn to master will come little by little, like a second mother tongue, but you will need rigor in the use of terms: for that, take care from the first year (L1) to regularly consult the different legal dictionaries.

It goes without saying that we will expect from you a quality spelling . Take the necessary time for several re-readings when you have to return a homework assignment!

The oralis not to neglect either. You will have to learn to express yourself wisely and to be comfortable. Apart from the basic subjects, all the others will be the subject of oral examination. The lawyer by definition must convince that his solution is correct, note that practicing in writing will also train you for oral.

Take the university rhythm very early

We will leave you free from your attendance because in amphi, we do not emerge. Do not see this as an opportunity for loitering, but accountability. The teachers are quite physiognomers, they spot the faithful and remember them orally. On the other hand, if you do not attend the course, you will have to learn it from someone else's notes: a handicap that is added to the fact that you will not have begun to assimilate knowledge with your auditory memory while listening to the teacher.

The note takingmust also be mastered early enough: your notes, while being able to adapt to your personality and the style of the teacher, must resume the core of the course, and constitute a reliable learning support chicks revisions (through the implementation page, underlined important points, etc.).

The academic year is short, you will have to quickly get into the rhythm and put the package on the written subjects that are the subject of tutorials (TD). Use your TDs, it's your best source. Doing homework as often as possible (at least detailed plans) will allow you to progress faster. Once the method is acquired, you can refine the quality of your homework and acquire this legal spirit if necessary.

Legal exercises: good method, good results.

We have just mentioned it, defend a thesis, a position constitutes the very essence of the work of the jurist. This is what will be asked of you in the different exercises. It is therefore not surprising that students coming from scientific fields once again have better results. Indeed, these exercises require rigor and method.

  • The legal dissertation , for example, has its own rules which are understandable with regard to the legal culture that you will soon start to perceive. The logic of the law is often bi-partisan, the principle / exceptions, the subjective / objective right, etc. It is therefore not surprising that the dissertation is built on a two-part plan .
  • The stop comment will ask you for a synthesis and it is there that you will have to sharpen your legal reflexes to perceive the legal problems and the stakes for the evolution of the Law.
  • The practical case will also require special attention to learn how to apply the rule of law to concrete facts.

Jurisdiction, the spirit that makes the difference.

To acquire the juridical reflex is what is more difficult, because it is not only a question of method, nor of knowledge, but of a general attitude. Every day situation, any news read in the press, covers a legal situation. It is therefore necessary to fire all the wood and learn to read your environment through your "glasses" lawyer. It must become a reflex for you.

For this, you must constantly feed your general knowledge, and develop your curiosity. Go check the legal magazines and read the notes of your cards in detail. This will help you to soak up that particular spirit. Group work, internships, court attendance can also help to train your lawyer's mind, while helping you to identify your professional project.

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